Singapore is one of those countries where home renovation goes without saying. The country has been experiencing an increase in population over the years and with this has also come to an increase in real estate prices. Singapore’s popularity as a place to live is not at all a surprise anymore – it is one of the fastest-growing developed countries in Southeast Asia. But worry not, here at this very moment, we have streamlined all the important information that you must know regarding home renovation in Singapore to a rather compact package of thirteen handy tips. So, just before jumping head-on into renovating your own home, read on!

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Tips For Your Home Renovation

But If you don’t want to fill your head with these tips and technical details and just want someone to do everything for you then don’t worry. Here is the condo and landed best renovation contractor Singapore companies who can renovate your home the best possible way. Now let’s get back to the tips:


An electrical renovation job can be quite an involved process. It requires a lot of planning and forethought. Will you be doing the electrical renovation yourself, or will you be hiring a contractor to do it? Do you want to go modern, or vintage – modern appliances are more popular, and they tend to be less expensive to buy, whereas vintage ones are generally quite expensive and will demand an extra kick out of your pocket to buy? In other words, an electrical overhaul can either be a do-it-yourself affair, or a highly costly venture, depending on your needs and budget.


Plumbing involves a great deal of money, and this should be considered when planning a home renovation project. You should first look into the plumbing company that will be handling the plumbing portion of your project. Ask around, and ask which are the most popular, and which are the cheapest. Always stick to reputable companies, as one would want your plumbing services to last a long time. Hire a reputable Singapore home interior design company for this.

Built-in Furniture

If your home has already been built, then it’s the perfect time to renovate it! Look into the company that built your house, or inquire about recommendations from people that you know. They will have a better idea of the company that you want to hire. Remember, you don’t just have to get new furniture and fittings; you can also get them replaced with better pieces of furniture. This will add more value to your home. Look for good interior design work to do some renovations, whether it is small or large.

Kitchen Renovation Costs

There is a wide range of kitchen renovation costs. Depending on the area size and area complexity, the costs will vary depending on the style of the renovation, the materials used, as well as the contractor that you ultimately hire. For instance, for a one-room apartment, you can expect the cost of the kitchen renovation to be less than a sprawling five-star resort; however, when it comes to larger spaces, like that of a commercial building or a country estate, the costs are likely to be on the higher end. Kitchen renovations in Singapore vary depending on the materials used, as well as the designer that is doing the work.

Tile Design and Tiles

The construction material that is most often used to improve the appeal of Singapore homes is brick and concrete, as the tiled area tends to be big and clean looking. However, there are many other options that you may want to consider when it comes to upgrading your home. The tiles and grout can play a huge role in the appeal and value of your home. Many interior designers in Singapore recommend using tiles, particularly flat tiles for the kitchen area of the home because they tend to stand out and draw attention to certain areas, including the bathrooms, living room, and entryways.

For example, if you have an HDB or high-density dwelling unit, you may want to consider using a bright mosaic tile design in the kitchen or the bathroom. If you have an open plan home interior design in Singapore, like one that spans across the front and back porches, you should consider using a light-coloured mosaic tile design. Finally, if you have a home interior design in Singapore that is designed around an Asian theme, you should look for materials that are made of rice paper.

There are many other options available for you to consider when updating your home interior design in Singapore. Do not forget that the finishes that you choose will be the focal point of your guests and neighbours’ impressions of your home. For this reason, it is important to choose only high-quality materials that will last for the life of your home renovation project. You can learn more about your renovation possibilities from an expert home interior design company in Singapore.